Expensive Hotels in London

Most expensive hotels in London that are worth every penny

With an astonishing 17 million overseas tourist in 2014, London is the most adored and tourist visited place in the United Kingdom. It’s not dubious why people across the globe flock to London. The fascinating museums, outstanding theaters, immense sporting venues, breath-throbbing hotel boutiques and streets that are plunged in history are enough to spellbind any person.


The hotel experience in London is always a talk of the town and every one of us deserves to spend a mesmerizing day in the palatial and tempting rooms. Here are the most expensive and one-of-a-kind hotels in London that are perfect to spend a beguiling day.

Me London

The location of hotel Me London deserves a grand applaud! It is located nearby the most prominent theatres, and sizzling hot clubs. This boutique is one of the trending hotels and is celebrated among travelers. The spectacular rooftop that is amalgamated with panoramic view renders a prepossessing view to the central locations. This pomp hotel contains 16 suites, 157 beautified and fanciable rooms. You need to shell out tons of money if you are looking to spend a day here.

Metropolitan by COMO

Metropolitan is a cool and lavish hotel which is a dream destination for many wanderers. It is situated at a sophisticated location around the Park Lane location. The hotel is equipped with 19 suites and 144 emitting rooms that are enough to leave anyone drooling over them.

Rosewood London

Rosewood currently tops the list by attaining the title of the finest hotel! It is situated in the historic thoroughfares of UK in High Holborn. This boutique portrays the rich British heritage and can accommodate people in its 44 sumptuous suites and 262 opulent rooms.


It would be a great option if you are planning to spend pretty high amount to amaze your partner, friends or family. Romantic escorts in London can also be taken along to these pricey hotels to get an extra dose of romance and bring out the wild child in you.